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We're seeking a more generous, decolonized Christian faith that can flourish in the chaos.

About the Gravity Community

Our Current Cultural Earthquake

After the cultural shock waves of the past few years, many are finding the faith they inherited to be insufficient to carry them forward.

Communities and churches are fracturing under the influence of resurgent Christian nationalism and an unwillingness to face the legacy and lingering effects of racism and colonialism.

Many people, feeling disoriented and betrayed, find themselves needing to deconstruct the faith they inherited, which creates more alienation and isolation from the communities that nurtured them.

Figuring out what faith looks like in the midst of this cultural earthquake feels increasingly difficult for many Christians these days.

What if you didn't need to do it alone?

What if there were other people wrestling with these same issues, wanting to learn how to follow Jesus with integrity today?

Since 2015, through training, coaching, discipling, writing, podcasting, gatherings, and Zoom calls, Gravity has been bringing people together for honest, meaningful, and generative conversations where we learn together in real time how to take love seriously as the center of our life together.

An abundance of helpful wisdom has come from these kinds of conversations, so we’ve been wanting to find more ways for people in the Gravity orbit to connect with each other, share with each other, learn from each other, and invest in each other.

So we created the Gravity Community to give us a place to gather and learn together. And we want you to be part of it.

Why You Should Join

Being part of the Gravity Commons offers:

Mutual Learning

A way to give and receive with others in community, learning from one another

A Safe Space

A safe place to wrestle honestly with thorny questions of faith and culture and discipleship

Sharing Stories

A place to share your story and encourage others as you hear their stories

Practical Wisdom

A place to receive wisdom from other practitioners, as well as leading experts and teachers

What others are saying

"In my advocacy work, I became more settled in knowing that my identity, security and belonging is in Christ and not what other people say or what I do or what I have. my view of God has changed and it has been so life-giving for me!"

- Carol Vanderstoep, retired teacher

"Gravity helped me learn a better way to see and understand the work of God in my life, and their discipleship process concretely puts the focus on how God is at work in the lives of everyone involved and not merely on learning more facts about God."

- Michael Dean, teacher and pastor

"Gravity has given me a different way of thinking about discipleship and being the Church, and through the regular connection with people outside of my normal contexts, I've been able to learn from others with different backgrounds and convictions."

- Ivy Linger, home educator and art teacher

"Gravity taught me a way to curiously explore my inner world and how my emotions are tied to what God is doing in and through me."

- Dan Hauser, manager